AMON AMARTH - Deceiver Of The Gods (CD)



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Date of release: Jun 25 2013

AMON AMARTH - Deceiver Of The Gods (CD)

Not many bands can claim their ninth album as the most powerful, dynamic, and downright aggressive of their career, but then Amon Amarth have consistently upped their game with every successive release, Having exploded onto the Swedish melodic death metal scene with 1998's "Once Sent From The Golden Hall" every album has arrived bursting at the seams with power, melody and immersive storytelling centered around the richness of Norse mythology. "Deceiver Of The Gods" captures the quintet at the peak of their powers.

From the moment the title track explodes in a haze of thrash-flavored aggression to the final mournful passages of epic closer "Warriors Of The North" there is not a wasted moment, the band bombarding the listener with ten tracks of compulsive and electrifying metallic fury, Whether they're attempting to remove your face and separate your vertebrae with the deranged attack of "Blood Eagle" or carrying you on the back of the mammoth grooves driving "We Shall Destroy" and "Father Of The Wolf" they hit with decimating force, all the while unleashing ruthlessly captivating melodies, With the aforementioned thrash elements creeping in, as well as the old school metal and doom accents lending added depth and scale to standout track "Hel", guitarist Olavi Mikkonen admits this time out the band were not afraid to wear their influences on their collective sleeve.

1.Deceiver Of The Gods
2.As Loke Falls
3.Father Of The Wolf
4.Shape Shifter
5.Under Siege
6.Blood Eagle
7.We Shall Destroy
9.Coming Of The Tide
10.Warriors Of The North


AMON AMARTH - Deceiver Of The Gods (CD)
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