BEHEMOTH - Satanica (CD)



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Date of release: Jan 01 2014

BEHEMOTH - Satanica (CD)

Behemoth was born in 1991, in Poland, formed by band mastermind, Nergal, Part of the Peaceville re issue series 'Satanica' is the fourth album from Behemoth, It was originally released in 1999 and was recorded at Starcraft Stimulation Studios, The album was produced & mixed by
Nergal. 'Satanica' contains 8 songs of pummelling blackened death metal, Technical riffs and whirlwind drums backing up mainman Nergal's unearthly vocals - the album proving more intense & brutal than previous releases.

1.Decade Of Therion
3.Ceremony Of Shiva
4.Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality
5.Sermon To The Hypocrites
7.Alchemist's Dream
8.Chant For Eschaton 2000
9.[untitled Track]
10.[untitled Track]
11.[untitled Track]
12.[untitled Track]
13.[untitled Track]
14.[untitled Track]
15.[untitled Track]
16.[untitled Track]
17.[untitled Track]
18.[untitled Track]
19.[untitled Track]
20.[untitled Track]
21.[untitled Track]
22.[untitled Track]
23.[untitled Track]
24.[untitled Track]
25.[untitled Track]
26.[untitled Track]
27.[untitled Track]
28.[untitled Track]
29.[untitled Track]
30.[untitled Track]
31.[untitled Track]
32.[untitled Track]
33.[untitled Track]
34.[untitled Track]
35.[untitled Track]
36.[untitled Track]
37.[untitled Track]
38.[untitled Track]
39.[untitled Track]
40.[untitled Track]
41.[untitled Track]
42.[untitled Track]
43.[untitled Track]
44.[untitled Track]
45.[untitled Track]
46.[untitled Track]
47.[untitled Track]
48.[untitled Track]
49.[untitled Track]
50.[untitled Track]
51.[untitled Track]
52.[untitled Track]
53.[untitled Track]
54.[untitled Track]
55.[untitled Track]
56.[untitled Track]
57.[untitled Track]
58.[untitled Track]
59.[untitled Track]
60.[untitled Track]
61.[untitled Track]
62.[untitled Track]
63.[untitled Track]
64.[untitled Track]
65.[untitled Track]
66.[untitled Track]
67.[untitled Track]
68.[untitled Track]
69.[untitled Track]
70.[untitled Track]
71.[untitled Track]
72.[untitled Track]
73.[untitled Track]
74.[untitled Track]
75.[untitled Track]
76.[untitled Track]
77.[untitled Track]
78.[untitled Track]
79.[untitled Track]
80.[untitled Track]
81.[untitled Track]
82.[untitled Track]
83.[untitled Track]
84.[untitled Track]
85.[untitled Track]
86.[untitled Track]
87.[untitled Track]
88.[untitled Track]
89.[untitled Track]
90.[untitled Track]
91.[untitled Track]
92.[untitled Track]
93.[untitled Track]


BEHEMOTH - Satanica (CD)
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Barcode: 801056718723
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