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Author: Agent Orange   Date Posted:6 November 2015 

Hey Guys,
Please find the latest news and releases update from the labels within Rocket & Nerve Gas
NE OBLIVISCARIS: Release bass play-through for Painters Of The Tempest Pt 2
WHITECHAPEL: Premieres "The Saw Is the Law" live video 
TWITCHING TOUNGUES: Releases New Video for Insincerely Yours
VISIGOTH: launches live video for Iron Brotherhood
NATIVE CONSTRUCT: launches cover of "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Miserables; 
KETZER: Reveals details for new album, Starless; launches title track as first single
MIRROR: Occult heavy metal alchemists uniting members of Satan's wrath and repulsion unveil new single
ZHRINE: Sign To Season Of Mist
EMPTINESS: Sign To Season Of Mist
HIEROPHANT: Sign To Season Of Mist
ABNORMALITY: Sign To Metal Blade Records
PRE-ORDERS on Nerve Gas
NE OBLIVISCARIS: Release bass play-through for Painters Of The Tempest Pt II
NE OBLIVISCARIS have released a stunning play-through video of the track Painters of the Tempest (Part II) Triptych Lux featuring their bassist Brendan "Cygnus" Brown. 
The clip is currently presented by Guitar World as an exclusive at the link below:

Brendan comments about his video: "I have had many requests to do a play through of this song. It is the most challenging track on the album  for me. Given its length, dynamics and attention to detail. This song was recorded straight from AXE FX into Protools 8. Sony HDR-CX130 camera linked up in Sony Vegas 11. Quite hard to line up perfectly. Sorry for the minuscule delay!”
NE OBLIVISCARIS are still on the road capturing audiences every night on their extensive European tour in support of CRADLE OF FILTH! 
The band will be undertaking a headlining tour of Australia under the banner "The "Return to the Citadel", which will begin on December 3rd. 

"The Return to the Citadel" tour marks the band's first shows in Australia since their appearances at Soundwave Festival in February, and their current album 'Citadel' scoring a rare metal debut on the Australian Recording Industry Association Pop Charts at number 42.
Thurs, Dec 3: Brisbane, The Zoo 
Fri, Dec 4: Newcastle, The Small Ballroom 
Sat, Dec 5: Sydney, Oxford Art Factory 
Sun, Dec 6: Canberra, The Basement 
Thurs, Dec 10: Melbourne, Max Watt's 
Fri, Dec 11: Adelaide, Fowlers Live (Lic: AA)
Sat, Dec 12 Perth, Amplifier Bar 

Citadel Is Out Now! 

WHITECHAPEL: Premieres "The Saw Is the Law" live video 


Whitechapel have unleashed their new live CD/DVD set, The Brotherhood of the Blade, via Metal Blade Records. Featuring an exclusive documentary (in addition to a live performance shot in Knoxville, TN), The Brotherhood of the Blade stands as a glimpse into the sextet's world, into each member's outlook, and the changes they've experienced over the past near-decade on the road. Shot and directed by Mathis Arnell for Naughty Mantis, with live show audio recording, mixing, and mastering by Audiohammer's Mark Lewis, this release is an audio/visual apex that fans won't want to miss. 

For a preview of The Brotherhood of the Blade, head over to now for the premiere of "The Saw Is the Law" live video: 

Since forming in 2006, Whitechapel has toured extensively around the globe, amassing a level of success of which most only dream.  Most recently, their 2014 album, Our Endless War, earned them the bragging rights as one of the heaviest groups to ever crack the Billboard Top 10, plus a #1 spot on the Billboard Hard Rock chart. With each new release, the band takes their career to new heights.

After The Brotherhood of the Blade's release, Whitechapel will be touring the USA with label-mates Culture Killer and Australia's Psycroptic

See below for the complete track-listing for Whitechapel's latest offering, The Brotherhood of the Blade.

Whitechapel - The Brotherhood of the Blade track-listing
Disc 1
--DVD: The Brotherhood of the Blade documentary
--DVD: Live at The International - Knoxville, TN June 7th, 2014 (video)
1. Rise (live)
2. Our Endless War (live)
3. Section 8 (live)
4. Faces (live)
5. I, Dementia (live)
6. Possession (live)
7. Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation (live)
8. Vicer Exciser (live)
9. Mono (live)
10. Worship the Digital Age (live)
11. The Saw Is the Law (live)
12. Possibilities of an Impossible Existence (live)

Disc 2
--CD: Live at The International - Knoxville, TN June 7th, 2014 (audio)
1. Rise (live)
2. Our Endless War (live)
3. Section 8 (live)
4. Faces (live)
5. I, Dementia (live)
6. Possession (live)
7. Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation (live)
8. Vicer Exciser (live)
9. Mono (live)
10. Worship the Digital Age (live)
11. The Saw Is the Law (live)
12. Possibilities of an Impossible Existence (live)
13. This Is Exile (live bonus track)

The Brotherhood Of The Blade is available now 


TWITCHING TOUNGUES: Releases New Video for Insincerely Yours


Southern California's rising underground metal/hardcore outfit Twitching Tongues is celebrating the release of their third studio album, Disharmony, with the premiere of a new video for their song "Insincerely Yours” Watch it at 

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the making of Disharmony here:

Check out the following previously released singles, plus live set from Philadelphia's This Is Hardcore festival in July:
Asylum Avenue / Sacrifice Me / Disharmony 

Disharmony Is Out Now!   

VISIGOTH: launches live video for Iron Brotherhood


Last month, Visigoth delivered a full set of no frills, no gimmicks heavy metal to eager fans at the "Frost and Fire Festival” in California
Watch the live video of "Iron Brotherhood" from the show here:

Visigoth comments: "'Frost and Fire' was an absolutely incredible experience for us as both a band and as heavy metal fans. We are deeply honoured to have shared the stage with so many phenomenal bands and to have met so many die-hard heavy metal enthusiasts who were in attendance from all over the world. Thank you so much for having us out your way, Ventura. We can't wait to come back."

The Revenant King is out now! 


NATIVE CONSTRUCT: launches cover of "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Miserables; 


Progressive metal outfit Native Construct have launched a new video which showcases front-man Robert Edens' incredible vocal range: a cover of Les Misérables' "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”. 
Watch the video at: 

Myles Yang (guitar) comments: "I'm sure you can hear the musical theatre influence in the music of Native Construct. We're big fans of it, and this is a tune from an old favorite of ours, Les Misérables. I did this arrangement for Rob to sing on back in our freshman year of college, just for fun. We did a little recording of it in a dorm room, and that was that.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago -- our guitarist, Poh Hock, was competing in the .strandberg* Guitar Competition. A portion of the competition was decided by popular vote, and we called on our fans for assistance. Turns out we have a great little community going here; we received an outstanding amount of support, and Poh Hock ended up taking first place in the competition. So, as a token of our appreciation, we decided to dust off this old arrangement and make a new and improved version of it for everyone to enjoy.

Quiet World is out now! 


KETZER: Reveals details for new album, Starless; launches title track as first single


On January 29th, Germany's Ketzer will unleash their new full-length, Starless, via Metal Blade Records! In anticipation of this release, the band has now launched the album's title track, as well as the cover artwork and pre-order information at:

Ketzer (German for “heretic”) spent two months in the studio during the summer of 2015, recording their third album, Starless. From sounds of raging fury, to the echoes of calm and cleansing waves, Starless is a record that will take you on a journey that is unexpected, yet familiar at the same time. Thematically, the band explores the idea of religion v. reality-- is there a truth in between? Ketzer explains, "Centuries ago, humankind looked up into the star-filled night skies, questioning the universe and their lives within it. In order to find answers, mythology was born. But religion and myths cannot connect to the world we live in today. They have blinded the night skies - hence, we have become 'starless'."

See below for the track-listing for Starless, and stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Starless track-listing:
1. Starless
2. When Milk Runs Dry
3. Godface
4. Count To Ten
5. The Hunger
6. White Eyes 
7. Shaman's Dance
8. Silence And Sound 
9. Earthborn
10. Limbo 


MIRROR: Occult heavy metal alchemists uniting members of Satan's wrath and repulsion unveil new single


From unlikely origins, dark forces have been summoned, in the form of the self-titled debut album by brand new occult heavy metal alchemists, Mirror

A work of rare passion, drama and intrigue set for release via Metal Blade Records on November 13th, this collection of cult crypt-kickers and mighty conjurings bears all the hallmarks of an instant classic. 
As a precursor to its release, The Obelisk thrusts for the galloping sounds of sixth track, "Galleon," streaming at this location

Mirror is the musical brain-child of prime mover, bassist and diehard metal connoisseur Tas Danazoglou (Satan's Wrath, ex-Electric Wizard). A chance meeting with respected producer (Ghost, Cathedral, Paradise Lost) and accomplished drummer Jaime Gomez Arellano led to the pair hitting on a shared vision of a classically aligned outfit that drew inspiration from the epic amplified landscapes of lore and legend whilst avoiding the lure of mere tribute, rather reinventing the sound and fury they loved anew. They were soon joined on this quest by Satan's Wrath axeman Stamos K, and their fate further sealed by the arrival of the mightily operatic tenor of vocalist Jimmy Mavromatis, before the ouroborus was completed with the arrival of Los Angeles-based guitarist Matt Olivo, whose infamy was earned as the guitarist of grindcore pioneers Repulsion.

Yet not only have these five far-flung warriors managed to stay true to the spirit of their original mission, they've positively transcended it, delivering a thunderously resonant salvo of metal magnificence with as much savagery and sorcery to offer as pomp or circumstance. Grandiose in approach, richly melodic in delivery and fiercely passionate in character, Mirror is a veritable feast for the lover of traditional hard rock and heavy metal. Think the glorious widescreen sweep of Rainbow's Rising, the mystical atmosphere of Angel Witch's self-titled debut and the cinematic sturm-und-drang of early Iron Maiden, yet also prepare to bear witness to a band taking the sparks that flew in the transition from the rock of the '70s to the metal of the '80s, and using them to forge a fire of their own creation.

All or any expectations have been shattered all around, as Mirror has reached deep into the metallic motherload. And such are the portals opened up by their dark serenades. One suspects we'll be in for rather more agreeable fate than any customary seven years bad luck.

ZHRINE: Sign To Season Of Mist
Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of ZHRINE. The Icelandic bringers of darkness will release their debut full-length under this name in the first half of 2016.
Regarding their signing, ZHRINE comment: "We are extremely pleased to have the honour of being welcomed into the fold of Season of Mist. They represent the same artistic values that we strive for, and we are very happy that our long and arduous journey of musical progression and development has finally won us a home at the very label we had set our sights on.

Furthermore we like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Michael Berberian and all of the Season of Mist staff worldwide for their warm welcome, and for affording us with this unprecedented opportunity for future professional and artistic growth.”

ZHRINE rose from the fertile extreme metal breeding grounds of Kópavogur,Iceland in 2008, and soon began turning heads and snapping necks in the domestic scene with their brutal death metal style.

Through years of aural refinement of their more brutal tendencies into a crushing, yet ethereal, soundscape of oppressive blackened death, ZHRINE soon outgrew their earlier moniker of GONE POSTAL, under which they had started infecting eardrums worldwide with multiple performances at the Eistnaflug Festival, Iceland Airwaves Festival, and later, with a hard fought for and very successful appearance at the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany.

With their forthcoming debut album on Season of Mist, ZHRINE aim to introduce previously unheard elements of churning, visceral, atmospheres into the extreme metal palette, and cordially invite you, the listener, to join them on a road less travelled.

Þorbjörn Steingrímsson: guitar and vocals
Nökkvi Gylfason: guitar
Ævar Örn Sigurðsson: bass
Stefán Ari Stefánsson: drums 


EMPTINESS: Sign To Season Of Mist
Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of EMPTINESS. The Belgian squad will release their next full-length on the label.
Regarding their signing, EMPTINESS comment: "We are currently working on the follow-up to 'Nothing But The Whole', for which our aim is to release it in late 2016 on our new label Season of Mist. We also would like to thank Dark Descent for supporting us in our decision and for helping to spread the seeds of the void. Important news will follow in due time.”
EMPTINESS have been founded in Brussels, Belgium in the year 1998 with a vision to explore darkness and horror, while taking musical inspiration from extreme styles such as black and death metal and approaching them in a manner open for experimentation. Two demo releases 'Eternal Rising' (2000) and 'Necrorgy' (2002) were followed by a string of albums very well received in the underground and increasingly beyond: 'Guilty To Exist' (2004), 'Oblivion' (2007), 'Error' (2012), and 'Nothing But The Whole' (2014).

EMPTINESS prefer to express their biography in a different manner:  
"Think having, think defending your turf, but once asleep I will dance on your bones. So go and hope boy… Go mash the roots of knowledge… Nothing really matters when you are nothing, nothing but the whole. But we know what lies behind the curtain; all is known but no one knows… These are the melting words, the tale of a burning man, the concrete and the anti-life. It’s so easy to open yourself and control hazard. Think those corpses are just alive for a little while, let them dance and love each other. And all will be blurring because all is not, each step tightening the knot more. The liquid and the light, as a start and an end. Between the two, being a flaccid stone. Breaking out of the egg, prison from the past. The past is death, so let’s get fried by the future. Escape with me, let’s get drowned in the lowland. There, sleeps the answer for all life and death. And remember, meaning is a liar, questions and answers never meet.”


HIEROPHANT: Sign To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of HIEROPHANT. The Italian death punks will release their next full-length on this label.

Regarding their signing, HIEROPHANT comment: "We are very pleased to be part of the Season of Mist family. We thank all those who have supported us, worked with us, and contributed to the growth of our band. A very special thank you goes to Michael Barbarian and all the very kind staff at Season of Mist for the warm welcome, for believing in us, and for giving us this great opportunity.” 

HIEROPHANT were conceived in the classic Adriatic city of Ravenna in the Emilia-Romagna in 2010. The band quickly left a mark as one of the leading exponents of extreme Italian music. A first self-titled full-length was released in the same year as their founding and the band started to constantly play all over Europe. HIEROPHANT were also picked up on the other side of the pond. Following the EP 'Son of the Carcinoma' (2013), their sophomore album 'Great Mother: Holy Monster' (2013) was also released in North America.
HIEROPHANT have already announced tour-dates in Australia at the end of this year and in Italy early 2016. Please see below for a full list of shows.

10 Dec: Newcastle, Hamilton Hotel
11 Dec: Brisbane, The Back Room
13 Dec: Sydney, Valve Bar
15 Dec: Sydney, Black Wire Records
16 Dec: Canberra, Transit
17 Dec: Melbourne, The Bendigo
18 Dec: Melbourne, Secret Location
19 Dec: Adelaide, Metro
20 Dec: Perth, Four 5 Nine

ABNORMALITY: SIgn To Metal Blade Record


Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of extreme metal outfit Abnormality! Based in Massachusetts (USA), Abnormality formed in 2005 and now features seasoned members Mallika Sundaramurthy (vocals), Jay Blaisdell (drums), Josh Staples (bass), Sam Kirsch (guitars), and Jeremy Henry (guitars), all hailing from various underground acts such as Goratory, Sexcrement, Parasitic Extirpation, Forced Asphyxiation, and Iranach. Known for their "vicious high speed technicality" ( and "ruthless brutality" (, the quintet is already hard at work on their second album, due out 2016.

Abnormality comments: "We are extremely excited to announce that we have signed with Metal Blade Records and will be releasing our second full-length album through the label in 2016. We couldn't be happier to start this new evolution of the band with a label that has served as the benchmark of underground metal for thirty plus years. 

We are currently in the studio and nearly completed tracking instruments and vocals with Pete Rutcho. The album is sounding killer so far, we can't wait to unleash it!
We want to take a minute to thank all of you that have believed and supported us through the ups and downs over the years, none of this is possible without you. Cheers!"

For a preview of what's to come, fans can check out the official video for "Monarch Omega", taken from Abnormality's full-length debut, Contaminating The Hive Mind (2012): 
Watch it HERE >

Puscifer - Money Shot
Gods Of Eden: From The End Of Heaven
Nov 13
Revenge - Total Rejection
Dec 11
Abbath: Count The Dead

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