CRIPPER - Hyena (CD)



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Date of release: Nov 24 2014

CRIPPER - Hyena (CD)

'Hyena's' driving force is the thick brutal riffs of the guitars and they were first element of the album to draw me in, However that's not to take away from any of the other members of the band, there are some really sick drum parts throughout 'Hyena' and Britta's growling vocals add another coat of Metal Marksmanship that works so well together to make 'Hyena' a great album, Although the album is flush with thick riffs and fast percussion; 'Hyena' is more than just crunching guitar riffs and fast tempo drum fills and double kick, CRIPPER show quite prominently on 'Hyena' that the band can write and construct songs that are heavy, multi paced and layered, whilst still maintaining a bone crunching sound. 'Hyena' is another album that reveals more and more of itself with every new listen and along with being a really cool album is a great showcase of the Bands ability to write and compose music. 'Hyena' is one of those albums that is a pleasure to listen too for not only its heaviness and sheer "rifftacular" guitar work, the song writing, song structure throughout the album is a real credit to Guys and Girl of CRIPPER, There is no flat spot in 'Hyena', no filler. It's an impressive album from an impressive band.

3.Bloodshot Monkey Eye
4.A Dime For The Establishment
6.Animated Flesh
7.The Origin
8.Patterns In The Sky
9.The Jackhammer


CRIPPER - Hyena (CD)
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