CRYPT - Disgusting Zombie Metal (3CD)



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Date of release: Aug 18 2016

CRYPT - Disgusting Zombie Metal (3CD)

After 15 years absence, Brisbane death metal legends CRYPT will return to the stage to celebrate the release of the box set 'DISGUSTING ZOMBIE METAL' compiling all of the bands' material from 1994-2000 in a 3CD box set. The box contains remastered versions of the Excruciating Agony Demo from 1994, The El-Nino album from 1998 and a remixed and remastered version of the 1995 self-titled EP. 38 tracks total. Also includes a Crypt logo patch! The dead have risen!

Disc 1 : Excruciating Agony Plus Bonus Tracks
3.Nocturnal Killing
4.Torture (Live 1996)
5.Zombified (Live 1996)
6.Nocturnal Killing (Live 1996)
7.Burnt Alive (Live 1996)
8.Deceased (Live 1995)
9.Zombified (Live 1995)
10.Torture (Live 1995)
11.The Undead (Live 1995)
12.Nocturnal Killing (Live 1995)
13.Disgusting Lust (Live 1995)
14.Dimension Of The Triangle (Live 1999)
15.Bubonic Experiment (Rehearsal 1998)
16.Twisted & Demented (Rehearsal 1996)
Disc 2 : Crypt Ep
1.Intro (2016 Mix)
2.Zombified (2016 Mix)
3.The Undead (2016 Mix)
4.Burnt Alive (2016 Mix)
5.Disgusting Lust (2016 Mix)
6.Torture (2016 Mix)
7.Intro (1995 Mix)
8.Zombified (1995 Mix)
9.The Undead (1995 Mix)
10.Burnt Alive (1995 Mix)
11.Disgusting Lust (1995 Mix)
12.Torture (1995 Mix)
Disc 3 : El-nino
2.Twisted And Demented
4.Outer Space
5.Bubonic Experiment
6.Nocturnal Killing
7.Extra Terrestrial
8.The Undead


CRYPT - Disgusting Zombie Metal (3CD)
Cat No: EVP009DX
Barcode: 934334405135
Packaging: 3CD Deluxe Set

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