NOCTURNO CULTO - The Misanthrope (Dvd & Cd Set) (DVD+CD)



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NOCTURNO CULTO - The Misanthrope (Dvd & Cd Set) (DVD+CD)

The film debut by Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto offers an insight into a strange life of solitude... chaos... and Darkthrone. This set takes US into the heart of the Norwegeian black metal scene and folk culture, with unique footage of Darkthrone rehearsing.

Disc 1 : Icefishing [dvd]
1.Icefishing [dvd]
2.Intro [dvd]
3.Desolate [dvd]
4.Sardonic Rehearsals [dvd]
5.Ali Baba Winter [dvd]
6.Aura Noir Signing [dvd]
7.Tokyo [dvd]
8.Norway Be My Grave [dvd]
9.Ali Baba Summer [dvd]
10.Aura Noir Release Party [dvd]
11.Sardonic Studio [dvd]
12.Tyrant Meeting [dvd]
13.Endtime [dvd]
14.Credits [dvd]
15.Thulcandra [dvd]
16.Archipelago [dvd]
17.Too Old Too Cold [dvd]
18.Bonus Materials [dvd]
Disc 2 : Battlehorns
2.The Bastard Son
3.Lake Of Sorrow
4.Stay Away
6.The Will To Deny
7.The Solution


NOCTURNO CULTO - The Misanthrope (Dvd & Cd Set) (DVD+CD)
Barcode: 0801056300775
Packaging: DVD and CD Pack

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