ROTTING CHRIST - Abyssic Black Metal (Gatefold Sleeve) (2LP)



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Date of release: May 25 2018

ROTTING CHRIST - Abyssic Black Metal (Gatefold Sleeve) (2LP)


Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ formed in 1988, with their early demo recordings containing strong grindcore elements as the band quickly evolved their style into something altogether darker. Spearheaded by brothers Sakis & Themis Tolis, Rotting Christ have remained one of the strongest and most respected forces in the black metal scene since their debut release 'Passage of Arcturo'. Their legacy towards greatness was cemented even further by the genre classic follow-up 'Thy Mighty Contract', helping to firmly establish the Greek scene as being among the most essential black metal movements of the early 90's.

'Abyssic Black Metal' compiles the early works of the band, from the more grind-laced early recordings of a band finding their own direction, plus the all-time classic 'Satanas Tedeum' release which paved the way for the band's melodic and atmospheric style of black metal, along with the early obscure EPs. The collection also notably features the 1995 promo release, containing raw stripped-down renditions of tracks to feature on the band's eventual third full-length release, 'Triarchy of the Lost Lovers'.

This vinyl edition of 'Abyssic Black Metal' marks the 30th anniversary of Rotting Christ and is presented on double gatefold vinyl, containing rare cover art from the early era of the band.

Side 1
1.Snowing Still (Promo 1995) (06:29)
2.One With The Forest (Promo 1995) (05:26)
3.The Opposite Bank (Promo 1995) (07:10)
Side 2
1.Hills Of The Crucifixion (Satanas Te Deum - Demo 1989) (03:10)
2.Feast Of The Grand Whore (Satanas Te Deum - Demo 1989) (03:18)
3.The Nereid Of Esgalduin (Satanas Te Deum - Demo 1989) (03:38)
4.Restoration Of The Infernal Kingdom (Satanas Te Deum - Demo 1989) (03:04)
5.The Sixth Communion (Satanas Te Deum - Demo 1989) (03:46)
Side 3
1.Fgmenth, Thy Gift (Ade's Winds - 1992) (04:52)
2.The Fourth Knight Of Revelation (Ade's Winds - 1992) (06:38)
3.The Nereid Of Esgalduin (Dawn Of The Iconoclast Ep - 1992) (03:50)
4.Vicious Joy And Black Delight (Dawn Of The Iconoclast Ep - 1992) (04:17)
5.Feast Of The Grand Whore (Monumentum Split 7" - 1991) (03:28)
Side 4
1.Intro - Holiness Lamentation (De Vermis Mysteriis - Rehearsal 1989) (00:43)
2.Feast Of The Grand Whore (De Vermis Mysteriis - Rehearsal 1989) (03:19)
3.Fortress Of Cremation (De Vermis Mysteriis - Rehearsal 1989) (02:30)
4.De Vermis Mysteriis (De Vermis Mysteriis - Rehearsal 1989) (02:02)
5.Outro (De Vermis Mysteriis - Rehearsal 1989) (00:53)
6.Slaughter Of The Innocents (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:22)
7.Asthmatic Apoplexy (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:46)
8.Lost In The Void (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:45)
9.Thyrotoxicosis (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:58)
10.Animal Revenge (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:29)
11.Mentally Disordered (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:39)
12.Myxomycetes Attack (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:32)
13.Neyroparalia (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:06)
14.Artificial Hypertrophy (The Other Side Of Life - 1989) (00:53)


ROTTING CHRIST - Abyssic Black Metal (Gatefold Sleeve) (2LP)
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