ROTTING CHRIST - Under Our Black Cult: Deluxe Edition (5CD)



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Date of release: Sep 28 2018

ROTTING CHRIST - Under Our Black Cult: Deluxe Edition (5CD)

Marking 30 years of the band, Under Our Black Cult is a deluxe 5 CD, 72 page book-set charting the early years of the Greek Black Metal legends, Rotting Christ.

Written by The Cult Never Dies author Dayal Patterson, the book chronicles the early years of Rotting Christ from its Grindcore origins to the its status as masters of occult Hellenic Black Metal. It features interviews with the band, plus luminaries from the Black Metal and Underground scenes, and friends such as Behemoth's Nergal, Moonspell's Fernando Ribeiro and more.

The 5 audio discs contain a comprehensive collection of early works including demos, rarities, live material, the classic Passage To Arcturo MLP, and the Thy Mighty Contract and Non Serviam albums. All show why Rotting Christ has sustained a three-decade legacy on the back of its inspirational beginnings.

The stunning cover art comes courtesy of Vjacheslav Smishko.

Disc 1 : The Other Side Of Life - 1989
1.The Other Side Of Life - 1989
2.Slaughter Of The Innocents
3.Asthmatic Apoplexy
4.Lost In The Void
6.Animal Revenge
7.Mentally Disordered
8.Myxomycetes Attack
10.Artificial Hypertrophy
11.Intro - Holiness Lamentation
12.De Vermis Mysteriis
13.Rehearsal 1989
14.Feast Of The Grand Whore
15.Fortress Of Cremation
16.De Vermis Mysteriis
18.Satanas Te Deum - Demo 1989
19.Hills Of The Crucifixion
20.Feast Of The Grand Whore
21.The Nereid Of Esgalduin
22.Restoration Of The Infernal Kingdom
23.The Sixth Communion
24.Adeæs Winds - 1992
25.Fgmenth, Thy Gift
26.The Fourth Knight Of Revelation
27.Promo - 1995
28.Snowing Still
29.One With The Forest
30.The Opposite Bank
Disc 2 : Passage To Arcturo - 1991
1.Passage To Arcturo - 1991
2.The Old Coffin Spirit
3.The Forest Of N`gai
4.The Mystical Meeting
5.Gloria De Domino Inferni
6.Inside The Eye Of Algond
7.Monumentum Split 7ö - 1991
8.Feast Of The Grand Whore
9.Dawn Of The Iconoclast Ep - 1992
10.The Nereid Of Esgalduin
11.Vicious Joy And Black Delight
Disc 3 : Thy Mighty Contract - 1993
1.Thy Mighty Contract - 1993
2.The Sign Of Evil Existance
3.Transform All Suffering Into Plagues
4.Fgmenth, Thy Gift
5.His Sleeping Majesty
6.Exiled Archangels
7.Dive The Deepest Abyss
8.The Coronation Of The Serpent
9.The Fourth Knight Of Revelation
10.Apokathelosis 7ö Ep - 1993
11.Visions Of The Dead
Disc 4 : Non Serviam - 1994
1.Non Serviam - 1994
2.The Fifth Illusion
3.Where Mortals Have No Pride
4.Wolfera The Chacal
6.Non Serviam
7.Mephesis Of Black Crystal
8.Morality Of A Dark Age
9.Ice Shaped God
10.Saturn Unlock Avey`s Son
Disc 5 : Live - 2000
1.Live - 2000
2.The Sign Of Evil Existence
3.Transform All Suffering Into Plague
4.The Fourth Knight Of Revelation
5.Coronation Of The Serpent
6.Fgmenth, Thy Gift
7.Ach Golgotha (The Small One On The Cross)
8.The Old Coffin Spirit
9.The Mystical Meeting
10.The Forest Of N'gai
11.Morality Of A Dark Age
12.Feast Of The Grand Whore
13.Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
14.Wolfera The Chakal
15.Exiled Archangels
16.Live - 1993
17.Feast Of The Grand Whore
18.The Forest Of N'gai
19.Visions Of The Dead Lovers
20.The Mystical Meeting


ROTTING CHRIST - Under Our Black Cult: Deluxe Edition (5CD)
Cat No: EBVILE012
Barcode: 0801056801227
Packaging: 5CD Deluxe Box Set

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