SATYRICON - Age Of Nero, The (CD)



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Date of release: Nov 01 2008

SATYRICON - Age Of Nero, The (CD)

Norway's Satyricon are a rare exception to the Black Metal norm - they never cared for trends in how one is supposed to present oneself and abhorred the tried and tested genre stereotypes, Satyr, the driving force behind the band, never made a secret out of his plan to turn Satyricon into more than just the darlings of a subculture, Instead, they strip away all ambiguous metaphors developing a refined sense for sombre, great melody lines and precise, overwhelming rhythmic structures courtesy of drum legend Frost, Largely written in a remote cabin deep in the Norwegian woods, the guitars have been seriously downtuned, adding to the raw power of the sound, The Age of Nero is metal in its most mature form - not as simple escapism or a form of anger management, but as a profound experience of what it's like to live in the increasingly dark age ours has become.


SATYRICON - Age Of Nero, The (CD)
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