SVARTTJERN - Ultimatium Necrophilia (CD)



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Date of release: Feb 06 2014

SVARTTJERN - Ultimatium Necrophilia (CD)

Hail to the blackened order of the frost, the obscured guard of the eccentrics, simmering hatred upon the fundamental grotesquery behind a religious injustice, Conveying a shrapnel from the distant past of this unique locality in Metal, there is the sick fascination by the sight of dead, ruptured corpses, but there is much to it than that, a certain truth to be unveiled upon one's interpretation, As you probably noticed, it would appear that there isn't much sense or logic with what just been said, however, later on the revelation will be quite straightforward, With that said, one of the latest Norwegian Black Metal devotees, SVARTTJERN, been there since 2003, is out of their cages again with a new album of utter Black Metal opprobrium of a pulverizing heritage, "Ultimatum Necrophilia", via NoiseArt Records, which they recently joined its ranks after being the Polish Agonia Records, Hinged with bands like SARKOM, KOLDBRANN and BEASTCRAFT, this band is the presentation of the rather new generation of Norse Black Metal, less raw than the forefathers, fairly intelligent but immensely inexorable and threatening.

Recollecting some of the finest creations of the Norwegian Black Metal hordes of the past, there was that sheer intensity, almost a storm like, phenomenon, as if riding in the speed of light towards the end, the verge of oblivion or even beyond, Quality was measured not be the production of the albums, as most of it was highly hard to digest due to its amounts of noise and mid shrieks, yet eventually one could get around. "Ultimatum Necrophilia", and albums a like when it comes to worthy production values, determined the fact that Black Metal albums nowadays, and probably even a decade ago, can be much more appreciated by aiding to prospect treats within the music.

Frankly, trailing this band for quite some time, since their sophomore album, "Towards The Ultimate", SVARTTJERN have been keeping quite tightly the legacy of their scene, remaining loyal to their elder creators, Still bashing with stormy full throttle tremolo action, confining more than a few Thrash indicators that might lead to the insanity of DESTRUCTION, reclaiming and recapping the chaotic melodies that the second wave force has been famous, ultimately skinning corpses with grinding double bass fused drumming with a cruel share of blast beats perfectos, and thin growling loudly with snarls of terror that sounded pretty good in comparison to past examples, On its whole, and though I wasn't searching for anything ground-breaking, "Ultimatum Necrophilia" relished the regularity of Black Metal, However, in another way, listening between the lines, deeper within the arrangements and constant riffery, SVARTTJERN emphasized that they might be old school keen, but not entirely indifferent the modernization of Black Metal, crafting several obscenities that appealed. "Aroused Self-Extinction Pt.II", not too developed, but closer to become a classic, a flowing burner, blasting its way with double pedal action mania, unleashing gruesome riffing, and a stern vibe of malevolency that transpired as black magic. "Aged Burden Fades" and "Where There Is Lust" railed down as a blizzard storm, eventually mutating into a mid tempo partial Heavy Metal glider that even reminded a bit of KING DIAMOND's latest works in terms of guitaring. "Hymns for the Molested", within the truthfulness and devotion to the genre, appeared like a case of impurity, a delight in the image of blackened type MOTORHEADish Speed Metal.

It is not generic, yet is it also not that overboard the conventional Black Metal deliverances of the past, other than a much better sound production, SVARTTJERN supplied the yearning for Norse brutality with a fine release, recommended and not just for dieharders.

1.Shallow Preacher
2.Aged Burden Fades
3.From Caves To Dust
4.Ultimatum, Necrophilia
5.Fierce Fires
6.Hymns For The Molested
7.Where There Is Lust
8.Flourish To Succumb
9.For Those In Doubt
10.Philosophers, Adore Me Now
11.Aroused Self-extinction Pt.Ii


SVARTTJERN - Ultimatium Necrophilia (CD)
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