VARIOUS ARTISTS - Contract In Blood: A History Of Uk Thrash Metal (5cd) (5CD)



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Date of release: Jun 08 2018

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Contract In Blood: A History Of Uk Thrash Metal (5cd) (5CD)

Extensive 5CD box set exploring the history of Thrash Metal in the UK ? curated by author and scene chronicler Ian Glasper.

From legends such as Venom, Onslaught, Sabbat and Acid Reign to lesser-known, cult artists.

83 tracks across 5CD + 40pp booklet, including rare demo and live recordings and previously unseen photographs.

Includes TEN previously unreleased tracks!

Released to coincide with the publication of Ian Glasper?s book of the same name.

Curated by the people who brought you Close To The Noise Floor, Revolutionary Spirit, Creation Artifact, Silhouettes And Statues and many more critically acclaimed box sets.

For decades, UK thrash metal has been the most underrated and overlooked member of the metal family. Criminally ignored, and considered secondary to its American, German and Brazilian equivalents, the genre has nevertheless continued to survive and thrive, rising from the ashes on more than one occasion. The scene has generated a wealth of amazing music, often in the face of adversity and apathy, and Contract In Blood documents the whole scene ? warts ?n? all. From humble demo recordings to major label artists, spanning over thirty years of relentless and uncompromising music. This is the definitive collection of UK thrash.
Curator and critically acclaimed music historian Ian Glasper?s name has become synonymous with documenting the UK?s thriving, aggressive musical underground. His books have become cult classics, and the last words on their respective genres. Ian is renowned for his knowledge and passion, and, most importantly, his deep immersion in the scene itself, ensuring unparalleled access to those who made the music.

Disc 1 : The North-east
1.Sons Of Satan - Venom
2.Total Metal (83 Demo) - Atomkraft
3.Tenement Zone - Slammer
4.Sentenced - Toranaga
5.Plan Of The Damned - Acid Reign
6.Too Drunk To Fuck - Re-animator
7.Dawn Of Destruction - Evile
8.Hungry Dogs - Warfare
9.Psycho - Holosade
10.Behind Closed Doors (Live) - Hellbastard
11.Solution - Amnesia
12.Pushed To Prime - Pitiful Reign
13.Apocalypso (Demo) - Ardkore
14.Black Mass - Vindicator
15.Hell And Damned Nation - Karrion
16.Delirium - Thok
Disc 2 : The North-west & The Midlands
1.Unidentified - Solitary
2.Metalyzed - Blood Money
3.Last Man Standing - Sss
4.Bombay Duck - Metal Duck
5.As The Walls Close - Pendemia
6.Let's Go Apeshit - Hospital Of Death
7.Sentenced By Pilate - Xyster
8.Dollar Disciple - Zeitgeist
9.Hosanna In Excelsis - Sabbat
10.Sight Of The Wise - Sacrilege
11.Spook Perv Happenings In The Snooker Hall - Lawnmower Deth
12.Forbidden Desires (Demo) - Seventh Angel
13.Judge And Jury - Arbitrater
14.Mad Dogs Of War (2018) - Metal Messiah
15.Corpse Grinder (Live At The Mermaid) - Death Warmed Up
16.Story Of Violence - Driven To Distraction
17.Mesmerised - Eradikator
18.Aggressor - Besieged
19.Merry-go-pound - Unholy Sacrifice
20.Soothsayer - Deceptor
Disc 3 : The East & The South
1.The Thing Will Arise - English Dogs
2.Anihilated - Anihilated
3.Regression - Inner Sanctum
4.Manifestations (2017 Remix) - Snyper
5.Do You Have The Right? - Taranis
6.Burning Blood - Therion
7.The Leaving - Kemakil
8.Claustrophobia - Infernal Death
9.Thrash Or Die - Mo¨rti Viventi
10.Choke - Salem Justice
11.Goddess (Featuring H) - Cerebral Scar
12.Forces Of Darkness - Deathwish
13.Crucifier - Hydra Vein
14.Dirty Hot And Hungry - Decimator
15.Full Power - Desolator
Disc 4 : The South-east & The South West
1.Government Pigs - Adrenicide
2.Colour - Winter Of Torment
3.Will To Rebel - Parasite
4.Carnival Of Souls - Savage Messiah
5.Overcast - Warpspeed
6.Three Minute Warning - Kremated
7.D.C.T. - Bangover
8.Macabre Insanity - Obliteration
9.War Wolf - Wretched Soul
10.Let There Be Death - Onslaught
11.The Removal Of The Spine - Seregon
12.Forced Faith - Rager
13.B.O.D. - Purgatory
14.Thrashing Machine - Bull-riff Stampede
15.Fear - 10$ Head
16.Eyes Of The Dead - Suicide Watch
17.Infernal Conflict - Reign Of Fury
18.Poll Tax Fuck That - Taliesin
Disc 5 : Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland
1.Atomic Attack - Tortoise Corpse
2.Oppressor - Alternative Attack
3.Thrive - State Of Confusion
4.Hateface - Parricide
5.New Eliminators Of Atlantis Bc - Gama Bomb
6.Hell Is In The South Sea - Acid Age
7.Cursed City - Scimitar
8.Soulsucker - Evil Priest
9.Feel No Pain (Demo) - Richard Iii
10.Time To Stop - Drunken State
11.Headshot - Thrashist Regime
12.Era Of Suffering - Black Talon
13.Somewhere In The West - Amok
14.Fry Or Be Fried - Daniel Wax Off


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Contract In Blood: A History Of Uk Thrash Metal (5cd) (5CD)
Barcode: 5013929105508
Packaging: 5CD Regular Box Set

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