VARIOUS ARTISTS - Drummachinegun (CD)



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Date of release: Jun 05 2006

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Drummachinegun (CD)

Drum machines puke programmed guts like Gatling guns, Inhuman vocal destruction flosses eardrums with barbed wire, The cold, pitiless grip of technology stamps out any trace of compassion, Drummachinegun delivers a digital death-f**k to conventional rock music, This is Total Sonic
Wipeout! Features exclusive tracks from Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Genghis Tron, Ocrilim (Octis), Decomposing Serenity, and many more!

1.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - The Day The Machines Took Over The World
2.Dataclast - Intro / Without Ever Having To Say Goodbye
3.Dataclast - Telescope Fish
4.Dataclast - It's A Tradition
5.Dataclast - Be A Fuckin' Human For Once
6.Dataclast - Player Piano
7.Dataclast - Idevelation
8.Dataclast - Suduction, It's Destiny
9.Dataclast - July 1999
10.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Fiber-optic Detonator
11.Noism - Ismism
12.Noism - Yes, Copy And Paste
13.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Invisible Enemy Detected
14.Nerve Not Found - Untitled
15.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Warning! Warning!
16.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Dragon Faced Girl
17.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - East Borne On The Backs Of Naked Men
18.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - 171/2 Charred Clowns In A Pink And Purple Hearse As The Marigold Circus Moves To The Next Morgue
19.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Sex Crimes Against Robots
20.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - The Poetic Nature Of The Sadomasochist
21.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - X2+y2=z2 When N>2
22.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Command Function Off Line / Testing Of Human Fraility
23.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - [disc Read Error]
24.Submachine Drum - Suffer The Children (Napalm Death Cover)
25.Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Hungry Homeless Handjob (Original Instrumental Mix)
26.Hellz Army - Hey Stupid
27.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Small Motors Become Soldiers
28.Genghis Tron - Rock Candy
29.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Aum Tesla Weapon Powers Up
30.Prosthetic Cunt - Disgusting Display Of Prosthetic
31.Prosthetic Cunt - I'm Using My Music At You
32.Prosthetic Cunt - Made
33.Prosthetic Cunt - Find My Dumb And Show It To Me
34.Prosthetic Cunt - Daddy Did Diddly Squat
35.Prosthetic Cunt - March Of The Prosthetic (Squirt-2)
36.Nemo - Untitled
37.Nemo - Untitled
38.Nemo - Untitled
39.Nemo - Untitled
40.Decomposing Serenity - Ladybug Drowning In Marcy's Blood
41.Decomposing Serenity - Her Head Floats
42.Mecha Bongzilla - Budgun / Thc
43.Mecha Bongzilla - Bong Water Cooled Cpu
44.Scumfusion - For The Masses
45.Scumfusion - Zombies
46.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Cams Bad Hand
47.Slough - Sex Slave Educator
48.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Frieght Elevator Loosens It's Leash
49.Mad Cow - Osama Yo Mama / Food Not So Privy To His Liking
50.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Consumer Electronics Collected And Dumped Into Vats Acid
51.Voltron - The End Of Planet Aries
52.Voltron - I Like The Way You Bow
53.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Launch Code Has Been Activated
54.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
55.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
56.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
57.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
58.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
59.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
60.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
61.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
62.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
63.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
64.Ocrilim (Octus) - Rathbarsh
65.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - The Last Of Human Creation Goes Off Line
66.::Cocoon:: - Slap Your Face
67.Black Mayonnaise - Lead Poisoning


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Drummachinegun (CD)
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Barcode: 781676654321
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