WRETCHED - Exodus Of Autonomy (CD)



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Date of release: Mar 03 2009

WRETCHED - Exodus Of Autonomy (CD)

When getting schooled in the world of technical thrash and death metal, it is recommended to start off with the basics. MetallicasAND JUSTICE FOR ALL, Megadeth's RUST IN PEACE and eventually move onto the likes of Morbid Angel, at the Gates, Behemoth and the Black Dahlia Murder. It all makes for a good repertoire for any young metal scholar to study. Well we have news for the metal world; North Carolinas Wretched have learned from all of these fine teachers and they are about to take them all back to school. Wretched's new record, THE EXODUS OF AUTONOMY, is a collection of epic, classically arranged death metal masterpieces that are completely larger than life and ready to take the metal world by storm. The bands performance on the record is bombastic, stylish and completely frantic thanks to the machine-gun rhythm section, hellish vocals and twin lead guitars that soar through every song. This record demonstrates the bands knack for ambitious arrangement and structure and emphasizes the bands skill without sounding too over the top. One listen and you will agree these are classic sounding metal songs that demand attention and respect. Wretched have distanced themselves from any trends and have crafted a fine death/thrash metal record that will steamroll the competition and launch them in to the forefront of the extreme metal underworld.

1.Shrouded In Filth (Introducti
3.Before The Rise
4.Preservation Of Immortality
5.Fetal Consumption
6.Mephistos Will
7.Deplorable Miscalculations
8.Final Devourment
9.Vi: The Exodus Of Autonomy [i
10.Vii: The Descent
11.Viii: Everlasting Damnation (


WRETCHED - Exodus Of Autonomy (CD)
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