SOUNDTRACK - Adventure Time: The Complete Series Soundtrack Box Set (4LP)



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Date of release: Sep 06 2019

SOUNDTRACK - Adventure Time: The Complete Series Soundtrack Box Set (4LP)

Featuring over 200 songs spread across 4 x Coloured Vinyl LPs, 1 x CD and 1 x Cassette.
Artwork by JJ Harrison.

Mondo and Cartoon Network are proud to present - ADVENTURE TIME - THE COMPLETE SERIES SOUNDTRACK BOX SET. Fans can transport themselves back to any episode and sing along with over 200 songs spanning the entire series.

Featuring amazing new artwork from JJ Harrison, Produced by series composer Tim Kiefer, and pressed on heavy weight coloured vinyl.

Sing along with fan-favourite tracks including "Bacon Pancakes," "My Best Friends in the World," 'Island Song (Come Along With Me)' and so many more!
This multi-format physical box set is presented on 3 x 12-inch LPs, 1 x 10-inch LP, a CD, and Cassette featuring 15 song demos exclusive to this limited-edition set.

Side A
1.Adventure Time Theme Song - Pendleton Ward
2.Fries - Olivia Olson
3.Out Of The Fire
4.Lay My Head Down Slow - Jeremy Shada
5.Finn The Blushing Baby - Olivia Olson
6.Wild Animals
7.Fisherman - Olivia Olson
8.Home Is - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
9.Plush Petting Zoo
10.Cruising In Lumpy Space - Casey James Basichis
11.Juke Bug
12.Turbo Dating
13.Gooey Gangsta - Biz Markie
14.Forced Forest
15.Billy!!!!!!!!!! - Adam Muto
16.Hobo Dreams And Sun Floods - John Dimaggio
17.Seven's Freestyle - Chris Isaak, John Dimaggio
18.A City Of Thieves
19.Rainicorn Rodeo - Tim Kiefer
20.Secret Room
21.Susan Strong - Jeremy Shada
22.House Hunting - Pen Ward, Olivia Olson
23.Sand Castle Siege
Side B
1.Fries (Crazy Sick Ice King Version) - Tom Kenny
2.I'm Just Your Problem - Olivia Olson
3.Condiment Rainbow - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
4.Pulse Duel
5.On A Boat - John Dimaggio
6.Balloon Music - Jeremy Shada
7.Friends Don't Fight - Niki Yang
8.Oh Fionna - Neil Patrick Harris, Madeleine Martin
9.Movie Filming Time
10.Ultimate Prize - Steve Little
11.Our Favourite Foods - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
12.Party With The Chief
13.Turn Up The Music - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio, Andy Samberg
14.Mystery Guitar
15.We're Finn + Jake - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
16.Pb Isn't Feeling Good - John Dimaggio
17.Slow Roast
18.Yo Mama Rap - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
19.My Best Friends In The World - Jeremy Shada, Olivia Olson, Hynden Walch
20.The Great Jelly Race
21.On A Tropical Island - John Dimaggio
22.Something Sweet - Pendleton Ward
23.Cow Tango
24.Last Letter
25.Not Just Your Little Girl - Olivia Olson
Side C
1.All Gummed Up / All Warmed Up - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
2.Wiz Buds
3.Three Nice Dudes - John Dimaggio, Kumail Nanjiani
4.Dropdown Rainbow
5.Fixing A Truck - Jeremy Shada, Weird Al Yankovic
6.Rocky Road
7.Good Little Girl - Donald Glover, Madeleine Martin, Roz Ryan
8.Sleepy Puppies - Jeremy Shada
9.Ice King And The Island Lady - Riki Lindhome
10.Go Dentist
11.Bacon Pancakes - John Dimaggio
12.Real Power - Davey Johnson
13.Oh Bmo - Niki Yang
14.Summer Swamp Boogie
15.Joshua's Final Message (Remix) - Kent Osborne, John Dimaggio
16.Melons - Jeremy Shada
17.Parts Unknown
18.Fireproof Beat - Andy Milonakis
19.Oh Bubblegum - Tom Kenny
20.Simon's Tale
21.Political Rap - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
22.Remember You - Tom Kenny, Olivia Olson
Side D
1.No Wonder I - Lake
2.Finn Vs Rap Bear - Andy Samberg, Jeremy Shada
3.Poor Little Lemonhope - Justin Roiland
4.All I Need - Peter Serafinowicz
5.Baby's Building A Tower Into Space - Jeremy Shada
6.Little Brother - Pendleton Ward, Thurop Van Orman
7.A Kingdom From A Spark - Jessica Dicicco
8.Lonely Bones - Hynden Walch
9.Can't Get Over You - Jeremy Shada
10.Lemonhope's Got Feet - Justin Roiland
11.Love In The Darkness - Jeremy Shada, Ashly Burch, Hynden Walch
12.Der Holle Rache Kocht In Meimem - Jeremy Shada, Hynden Walch
13.Call To The Universe - Jeremy Shada
14.Fallen Ally - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
15.Food Chain - Jeremy Shada, Hynden Walch
16.Booboo Sousa - Jon Wurster
17.Like A Rock
18.To A Plant - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
19.Where Everybody Knows Your Name - Tom Kenny
Side E
1.Adventure Time Main Title - Stakes - Olivia Olson
2.Fun With Trees
3.Everything Stays (Marcy & Mom) - Ava Acres, Rebecca Sugar
4.Stakes On A Boat
5.Remembering Memories - Olivia Olson
6.Invisible Guest
7.Love In Its Place - Olivia Olson
8.It's Spring Again - Olivia Olson, Hynden Walch
10.Was It Reality - Olivia Olson
11.Everything Stays - Olivia Olson
12.Adventure Time Main Title - Islands - Jeremy Shada
14.Founders Song - Lennon Parham
15.Way Out There
16.Pedestrian Paradise
17.Greatly Appreciated - Ashley Eriksson
18.Bot Or Not?
19.Adventure Time Main Title - Elements - Hynden Walch
20.To Be Spoken
21.Blue Magic - Kelly Hogan
22.Blue Sky
23.Time Passes Like A Cloud - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
24.Sweet / Sour
25.Let Me Call You Sweetheart - Hynden Walch, Candy People
27.Bonbon Ballad - Olivia Olson, Hynden Walch
Side F
1.Come Along With Me Main Title - Willow Smith
2.Flower Body - Olivia Olson
3.Water Hymn - Ako Castuera
4.Sparkle Fountain Sunday
5.Minor Changes
6.Hot Dog Song - Hynden Walch, Katie Crown
7.Neptr+fp - Andy Milonakis, Jessica Dicicco
8.Memory Strings
9.Chipmunk Rich - Jessica Dicicco, Open Mike Eagle
10.Don't Need A Pill To Be Chill - Olivia Olson, Hynden Walch
11.Time Adventure - Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olson
12.Nailed It
13.Yeah Girl, It Stinks - Olivia Olson
14.Gumspeak Lullaby - Hynden Walch
15.Imagination A Dream - Bettie Ward
16.I Want To Ride On A Boat - Jeremy Shada
17.Sun Sparkles
18.Evolution - Lennon Parham
19.A Moment To Appreciate This Moment
20.Blowing Up The Spot - Open Mike Eagle, Jonathan Park
21.Mama Said - John Dimaggio
22.Slow Dance - Olivia Olson
23.Two Halves Make A Whole - Al Yankovic
24.Island Song - Ashley Eriksson
Side G
1.Diamonds And Lemons Main Title - Tim Kiefer
2.Electric Saw
4.Megaman's A Sissy
5.Conversation Parade - Niki Yang
6.Chip Dip Triple Flips Are Hip
7.Guardians Of Sunshine
8.We're Adventure Masters
9.Kompy's Kastle
10.Dinner With Morty Rogers
11.The Computer World - Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio
12.Super Adventure Land
13.Snakes And Lazers
Side H
2.The Old Factory
3.Sub Mission
4.Pixel Sprint
5.Robot Cowboy - Niki Yang
6.Where Is Finn - John Dimaggio, Niki Yang
7.A Slumber Party
8.The Corridor Of 1000 Deaths
9.Manlorette Party
Side 5 : Mourning Becomes Eclectic Vol. 7 Cd
1.Holliday For Nuts - Cassey James Basichis
2.Gum Party - Cassey James Basichis
3.Up On Muffin Hill - Cassey James Basichis
4.A Beastly Condition - Cassey James Basichis
5.Beach Brawl Fantasy - Tim Kiefer
6.Baby Feelings - Cassey James Basichis
7.Slow Space - Tim Kiefer
8.Old Stump Town - Cassey James Basichis
9.Time For Graybles - Tim Kiefer
10.Words From The Forest - Tim Kiefer
11.The Conductor - Cassey James Basichis
12.Walk Into The Sun - Tim Kiefer
13.Hiking Across Heartbreak - Cassey James Basichis
14.Frogiven - Cassey James Basichis
15.Grey - Tim Kiefer
16.Nervous Flamez - Cassey James Basichis
17.Cooking Is Fun - Cassey James Basichis
18.That Red Hot Dame Lorraine - Tim Kiefer
19.Big Time - Cassey James Basichis
20.Adventure Friends - Cassey James Basichis
21.Oh What A Good Boy Am I - Tim Kiefer
22.Real Heroes - Cassey James Basichis
23.Attack Of The Candy Cannibals - Cassey James Basichis
24.Hairrevelation - Tim Kiefer
25.Brick By Brick - Cassey James Basichis
26.Low G Rap Battle - Tim Kiefer
27.Hardcore Will Never Digest (Original Teddybear Mix) - Tim Kiefer
28.Vamp Vamp - Cassey James Basichis
29.Wish Upon A String - Cassey James Basichis
30.Space Transit - Cassey James Basichis
31.Thinking Of Butts - Tim Kiefer
32.Don't Tell Dad - Cassey James Basichis
33.Ghost Buddy - Cassey James Basichis
34.Zombie Loop - Tim Kiefer
35.Goblin City Shuffle - Cassey James Basichis
36.On The Tail - Tim Kiefer
37.Modern Comforts - Cassey James Basichis
38.Soy People - Cassey James Basichis
39.Getting A Call In The Woods - Tim Kiefer
40.Really Big Sweaters - Tim Kiefer, Cassey James Basichis
41.When A Brave Soldier Claps - Cassey James Basichis
42.They Set You Free - Tim Kiefer
43.Give Me Tears - Cassey James Basichis
44.Club In The Clouds - Tim Kiefer
45.Miniature Dancing Cats - Tim Kiefer
46.The Cosmos In A Nacho - Tim Kiefer
47.Hard Skipping - Cassey James Basichis
48.Werk Dat Belly - Tim Kiefer
49.Skool Bell Strut - Tim Kiefer
50.Falling Isn't So Bad - Cassey James Basichis
51.Big Boy Coconuts - Tim Kiefer
52.Surfing On Brain Waves - Tim Kiefer
53.A Blip And A Bubble - Tim Kiefer
54.Train Chasers - Cassey James Basichis
55.Trunked Up - Tim Kiefer
56.Buff Baby - Pendleton Ward, Cassey James Basichis
Side 6 : Summer Jams 3 Cassette (Demos)
1.Not Just Your Little Girl (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
2.Neptr+fp (Demo) - Andres Salaff
3.Friends Don't Fight (Demo) - Pendleton Ward
4.Lemonhope's Got Feet (Demo) - Steve Wolfhard
5.Oh Bmo (Demo) - Pendleton Ward
6.Fry Song (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
7.Susan Strong (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
8.Oh Fionna (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
9.I'm Just Your Problem (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
10.Best Friends In The World (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
11.Sleepy Puppies (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
12.All Gummed Up Inside / All Warmed Up Inside (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
13.Dream Of Love (Demo) - Patrick Mchale
14.Bacon Pancakes (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
15.Oh, Bubblegum/nuts (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
16.Remember You (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
17.Good Little Girl (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
18.Booboo Sousa Pt. 1 (Demo) - Michael Justin Moynihan
19.Booboo Sousa Pt. 2 (Demo) - Michael Justin Moynihan
20.Everything Stays (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar
21.Adventure Time (Demo) - Rebecca Sugar


SOUNDTRACK - Adventure Time: The Complete Series Soundtrack Box Set (4LP)
Cat No: MOND175
Barcode: 843563117286
Packaging: 4LP Box Set

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